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Castrol Motorcycle 2T Oils

Normal sales to UK ONLY MAINLAND ONLY. For BT / IOM / IOW and Northern Ireland postcodes please call.  We do not ship to EEC /  EU Countries

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Castrol XR77 2-Stroke Engine Oil.

  • The ultimate pre mix racing 2-stroke engine oil.
  • Formulated to maintain a tough, renewing layer of protection against mechanical and thermal breakdown with unleaded fuels. 
  • Lightening fast throttle response.
  • Minimal effect on octane thus allowing max engine compression and hence performance

Mix ratios up to 50:1 in motorcycle racing engines. (Suggested mix - 40:1 in Rotax Max kart engines. 125 and 250 Gearbox Karts at 25:1. Race Bikes ranging from 20:1 to 35:1)

FIM Cert - EMPA Test Rpt # 471478/01 





XR 77


Castrol A747 2-Stroke Engine Oil 1Ltr

  • Castrol A747 is a specially formulated low ash, synthetic based hybrid. 
  • For use in multi cylinder, water cooled, race prepared motorcycle engines. 
  • FIM Road Racing World Championship ref 404752/01
  • Also useable in Micro lights, Small Aircraft, Karts, Bikes and Model Cars. ( 40:1 in Rotax Max kart engines. 125 and 250 Gearbox Karts at 25:1)







Castrol A747




  • FULLY SYNTHETIC 2-stroke motorcycle engine oil
  • Fast burning, high protection formula
  • Faster acceleration from the start
  • Designed for both oil injection and pre-mix systems up to 50:1  
  • Excellent engine cleanliness 
  • Exceptional resistance to seizure 

FULLY SYNTHETIC 2-stroke engine oil, Exceeds JASO FD, ISP EGD, API TC

Ultimate Performance for Extreme Riding - Castrol Power 1 Racing 2T is a FULLY SYNTHETIC oil for use in modern, high speed, high performance 2-stroke engines. Its fast burn, high protection formula is designed to release the full potential from highly tuned motorcycle engines.

Faster acceleration - Castrol Power 1 Racing 2T enhances throttle response for faster acceleration to give ultimate performance for extreme riding.




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PART SYNTHETIC clean burning formulation Heat Protection Molecules for increased high temperature performance & protection Low visible exhaust smoke Designed for both injection and premixed systems up to 50:1

Protects your scooter when it’s working hard

Castrol Act>evo X-tra 2T is a PART SYNTHETIC engine oil suitable for a wide number of 2 stroke road bikes with injection or pre-mix system up to 50:1. It is particularly well suited for urban and high load riding conditions.

Extreme Heat Protection

In city traffic or highly loaded conditions modern motorcycle engines can suffer from dramatic increases of engine and oil temperatures. This can result in the build up of harmful deposits on pistons, which can reduce output power and the engine's useful life. Castrol Act>evo X-tra 2T formulated with Heat Protection Molecules gives superior high temperature protection. 


Actevo Xtra 2T




  • Semi synthetic 2 stroke scooter oil
  • Power Protection Formula keeps exhaust systems clean
  • Ashless formulation helps to reduce spark plug fouling
  • Excellent high temperature detergency
  • Compatible with modern catalytic converters

Get the Best Performance from your 2 stroke

Scooter Castrol Power 1 Scooter is a PART SYNTHETIC low smoke oil designed for modern 2 Stroke scooters used in stop-start driving mode. Longer exhaust life for Power Protection

Exhaust systems can degrade rapidly in stop-start driving and engine performance drops. Castrol Power 1 Scooter 2T out-performs current industry limits for exhaust system blocking performance.


Power 1 Scooter 2T


Castrol R 40

Castrol's world famous competition oils provide superior lubrication for specialized classic racing engines due to their blend.

Can be used in 4 stroke Engines or mixed with fuel for 2 stroke engines.

Should not be mixed with other engine oils.

Comes only in 1 ltr bottles



Castrol R40


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