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Castrol Grease

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Red Rubber Grease

Castrol Red Rubber Grease 

The Red Rubber grease comes direct from Castrol and is sold under licence.

A special, rubber compatible grease for use on hydraulic brake and clutch components where hardening or swelling of rubber must be avoided.

Useful in assembly of rubber components for brake, clutch and suspension units.

Direct from Castrol

Red Rubber Grease
Spheerol SX2 Grease

L/EPO Grease

CASTROL Classic Spheerol L/EPO

The Castrol Spheerol L-EP range of greases are lithium based general purpose extreme pressure greases, based upon mineral oils and incorporating extreme pressure agents to protect bearings components subject to heavy and shock loadings.

Castrol Spheerol L-EP greases are available in a range of consistencies to suit most applications, from an NLGI 2 for general purpose bearing lubrication to an NLGI 0 self-levelling grease suitable for centralised lubrication systems and grease filled gearboxes. 

Being lithium bases, Spheerol L-EP greases have good water tolerance, are resistant to water washing and incorporate powerful rust inhibitors to protect bearing components against corrosion.

  • The tech sheet below give the different ranges.
  • You can also order the below Spheerol grease.
  • SPHEEROL SX2 (supercedes PH Grease)


These can be proved in boxes of 12. POA







Classic Spheerol Grease
Water Pump Grease


CASTROL Water Pump Grease  

Hard consistency grease for vane and gland type water pumps. Mostly for pre-1940 automotive applications.



Water Pump Grease
Moly Grease




Heavy Duty Grease Fortified with molybdenum

APPLICATION: For CV Joints and other sliding / reciprocating movements applications where high solid content is required.

Castrol Moly Grease is excellent for swivel and shackle lubrication. It also shows excellent performance in the lubrication of heavily loaded slow / medium speed bearings of all types and is particularly useful in preventing bearing damage caused by excessive vibration or shock loading. When exposed to extreme operating conditions, Castrol Moly Grease helps prevent the depletion of normal grease lubrication by a residual coating of the metal surface with molybdenum disulphide to give ‘dry’ or ‘solid’ lubrication. Castrol Moly Grease also has an application in sliding motions where the prevention of scuffing is desirable and may be used in dry or moist conditions.

It is not recommended for use in small, high speed ball and roller bearings.


  • Good high load carrying capacity.

  • Reduced wear in heavy and shock loaded conditions.

  • Reduced downtime for repair and maintenance.

  • Prevention of scuffing.

  • High resistance to water and rust.


  • Lithium + Moly

  • NLGI-2

  • Temp -20˚C + 120˚C

Castrol MOLY Grease
High Temperature Grease


Castrol High Temperature Grease

Multipurpose High Temperature Grease - Extreme high temperature

APPLICATION: For plain and rolling element bearings under continuous or intermittent periods at high temperatures Multi-purpose, extreme pressure grease specifically developed to lubricate a wide variety of plain & rolling element bearings requiring load carrying protection under conditions likely to generate continuous or intermittent running periods at elevated temperatures.


  • An optimised combination of mineral oils and specially selected additives with the enhanced thermal stability of lithium complex thickener technology.

  • Excellent multi-purpose EP product.

  • Excellent mechanical stability.

  • Excellent under higher loads.

  • Good water resistance.

  • Good corrosion protection.

  • Will work at temperatures considered beyond acceptable limits for conventional lithium thickened greases.


  • Lithium complex

  • NLGI-2

  • Temp -30˚C to +150˚C


Castrol High Temperature Grease
Castrol Multipurpose Grease


Castrol Multipurpose Grease

No longer made - Suggested replacement is Castrol High Temperature Grease

See above.

Multipurpose Grease - Extreme pressure

APPLICATION: For plain and rolling element bearings under continuous or intermittent load It is well proven as a chassis grease. It is also a good wheel bearing grease for use over a wide range of temperatures. It is suitable for most other automotive grease applications within its specified operating temperature range.


  • Smooth lithium based grease with hydroxystearate soaps.

  • Lubricates over a wide temperature range.

  • Good resistance to mechanical shear.

  • Excellent water resistance.

  • Excellent protection against corrosion.

  • Good low temperature pump ability.


  • Lithium

  • NLGI-2

  • Temp -20˚C to 130˚C

Castrol CL Grease

Castrol CL Grease - Please call









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